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What's life insurance?

Life insurance can help you support your loved ones financially with a lump sum payout if you die during the term of the policy.
It's quick and easy to apply for's Life Insurance Policy and it starts from just £3.50 per month. You can choose from two types of cover, Level and Decreasing, and how long you want the policy to last for. Of course, the premium you will pay depends on the cover level you need and your personal circumstances.

Types of cover available

  • You pay the same each month for however long the policy lasts, and the cover amount is fixed
  • You might want this to help maintain your family's living standards and cover monthly bills, or to help pay off an interest-only mortgage
  • You pay the same each month for however long the policy lasts, and the cover amount decreases
  • The cover amount decreases broadly in line with the amount you owe on a repayment mortgage. So, the idea is if you select an amount of cover that matches your outstanding loan, the pay out should be enough to cover what's owed

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