Quotemehappy Connect

Helping and rewarding safer drivers
If you’re a young driver aged 17-29, get connected to car insurance that gives you a personalised renewal price and regular rewards – simply for driving safely
It’s not traditional black box insurance
Traditional black box insurance records how you drive using a device that’s professionally fitted or plugged in to your car. But technology has moved on. With Quotemehappy Connect, our clever mobile app does all the hard work to help you become a better driver by showing you a weekly driver rating and where you could improve your driving style. All you need to do is register in the app, then pair it with a small device you stick to the windscreen of your insured car. This small device helps tell the app when a trip has started and ended.

Why pick Quotemehappy Connect?

Safer drivers get better rewards
  • The safer you drive the more reward points you get to spend on the things you love.
  • A personalised renewal price based on how you drive. So safer driving = a better price
Find out more about how rewards points work.
Learn about how you drive
  • We'll record where and how you drive and rate each trip based on how safely you've driven.
  • You'll be able to view your driver ratings for each trip in the app, so you'll always know how you're doing.
Find out more about your data and how it’s used.
Join a community of safer drivers
  • Get personalised feedback and see how you compare to other drivers.
  • We'll show you how to improve your driving and give you time to achieve this. For information on when we might cancel, see Is Quotemehappy Connect right for you? below.
You're in control with the Quotemehappy Connect app
  • Keep track of your trips and driving. Simply pair the app to a small self-fit device you stick to your windscreen.
  • Discover video help and tips anytime and check how many reward points you've got to spend.
Find out more about Quotemehappy Connect app.

Is Quotemehappy Connect right for you?

Registering in the app
You need to register in the Quotemehappy Connect app as soon as you get your device, which you will receive within 10 days of your policy start date. You must then register in the Quotemehappy Connect app, pair it to the device and stick the device to the windscreen of your car within 14 days of your policy start date. If you don’t, we may cancel your policy, and this may affect your ability to take out insurance in the future. Please make sure you register using the same personal details you used when buying your policy.
Recording trips
Make sure you always have your phone with you each time you drive. It’s a requirement of your insurance that all trips where you’re driving are recorded. That way, the Quotemehappy Connect app can monitor your driving style. If we identify there are some trips where you’re driving but they aren’t being recorded, we may cancel your policy.
Driver rating
The Quotemehappy Connect app will record your location, driving behaviours and phone use for each trip to understand how safely you’re driving. This information is used to give you a weekly driver rating that’s either red, amber, green or gold, depending on how safely you drive. If you get two consecutive red weeks or four separate red weeks in a three month period, we may cancel your policy, giving you seven days notice to your last known postal or email address. (The three month period starts from when you first register the app and is reset at three months intervals). However, before it gets to that point, from your first red week we'll show you how you can improve and give you another week and reminders to achieve this. If your rating is amber, green or gold, we'll give you tips on how to improve and earn a personalised renewal price. If you have a green or gold driver rating, you'll also earn reward points.
Trips where you’re a passenger
If doesn’t matter if you’re driving or if you’re a passenger in your car, all trips that are recorded by the app will count towards your driving rating. It’s important that any named drivers on your insurance know this because these trips will count towards your driver rating and rewards.

How it works

Buy Quotemehappy Connect
If you're aged 17 to 29, with or without any No Claim Discount, you can get a quote for Quotemehappy Connect here. We'll just need some details about you and your car to get started.
Get connected
Once your insurance has started, we'll send your self-fit device in the post. You don't need to wait for it to arrive before you drive. As soon as it does arrive, you have seven days to follow the instructions to register in the Quotemehappy Connect app, pair it to the device, and stick it to your windscreen.

Drive safe
The app works in the background so you can focus on your driving. Just have your phone with you every time you drive. Then check the app regularly to see how you're doing and find personalised driver tips.
Save at renewal
Safer driving gets you a better driver rating, which we use to personalise your renewal price. So the safer you drive, the less you could pay.
Need Help?
You can find a list of our most commonly asked questions in our help centre.
With Quotemehappy Connect car insurance you'll need to connect a small device and register in the app to monitor how you drive - safe drivers can earn points and a personalised renewal price based on their driving. If you're not comfortable with your trips being recorded and driving rated you may want to choose a different type of insurance. With Quotemehappy Car insurance there’s no connected app or device to monitor your driving and you won’t get a personalised price or rewards as a result of your safe driving.
The app will tell us if you're driving safely and you can check your driver rating and trips anytime. We'll measure how smoothly you drive as well as your speed, usage and your phone use. Your weekly driver rating will be categorised in to gold, green, amber or red. You should aim to have trips and driver ratings in green and gold where you can earn points and could pay less at renewal.
If your weekly driver rating is in amber we'll send you pointers to improve and avoid a red driver rating.
If your trips result in a red driver rated week we'll show you where you can improve with videos and personalised feedback and give you a further week to improve.
If you have four separate red weeks in a three month period, we will cancel your policy, giving you seven days written notice to your last known postal or email address. (The three month period starts from when you first register in the app and is reset at three month intervals).
Your device recognises when your car starts and stops and confirms that each trip has happened so this can be displayed in the app.
Before attaching your device, ensure the area where your device is to be attached is clean and free of any dust or grease. Peel off the sticky backing from the flat side of the device. Attach the flat sticky side to to the top of the windscreen in the area by the rear view mirror. It must ONLY touch the windscreen glass and the device must be mounted so it's not in the driver's line of sight.
We recommend attaching the device just before pairing it with the app. This will ensure the device is awake when you're doing the pairing. If your device was installed previously, you might need to start the car to detect motion.
Follow the activation process when registering in the app. Open the app with Bluetooth enabled and search for 'QMHConnect'
Managing your policy online.
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